Michaels Ave Community Centre (MACC) Terms and Conditions of Hireage Terms and Conditions of Hireage

Liquor License Conditions of Use

  • Any alcoholic drinks purchased within the MACC are not permitted to be taken off site, including into the Lower Level changing rooms. No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be purchased offsite and brought onsite i.e. no BYO.
  • The maximum hours of operation of the bar under the building’s liquor licence are as follows: (actual hours of operation of the building/bar can be found on the MACC website)
    • Monday to Thursday 5pm to 10pm
    • Friday 4pm to 10pm
    • Saturday 12pm to 8pm
    • Sunday 12pm to 8pm
    • Public Holidays 12pm to 8pm
  • Food must be available to patrons, either supplied by the hirer directly or via the MACC Kitchen. This is a non-negotiable condition of utilising the bar facilities.
  • MACC reserves the right to refuse service to any patron, under the conditions of its liquor license.

Resource Consent Conditions of Use

  • Hours of use must fall within 7am to 12:30am (next day) only
  • After 10pm Monday to Saturday (and 6pm on Sunday and Public Holidays), the external doors to the two south-facing decks on the Upper Level will be locked. Patrons may use the North facing decks to exit after this time, but doors must not be wedged open. Additionally, no windows may be opened after the above times.
  • No live bands or DJ’s are allowed to operate onsite.
  • Any sound system used for events will need to be signed off by MACC staff (Facility Manager) to ensure that MACC’s Resource Consent conditions are not breached.

General Terms and Conditions for the MACC and surrounding areas

  • No vehicle access is allowed past the bollards unless previously arranged with MACC (e.g. for setup and packdown).
  • Patrons exiting the venue after 10pm are required to leave the area promptly and with a minimum of disruption to the surrounding neighbours.
  • Hirers are responsible for cleaning and/or repairing any mess/damage to the building or the surrounding areas as a result of hireage.
  • The entire MACC and surrounding decks are a smoke and vape free area, including the downstairs changing rooms.
  • No animals (other than official service dogs) are permitted in the MACC.
  • No wet or dirty clothes, including dirty shoes, are permitted in the MACC.
  • Please return your empty bottles/cans to a bin, glasses/jugs to the bar and plates etc to the kitchen. We appreciate your help in promoting recycling at MACC.

Terms and Conditions for the Staff Only Areas

  • Only EAFC/ECC/MACC Staff, Board members and volunteers from EAFC/ECC/MACC are permitted to be in the Staff Only areas. This includes the Admin Hub, Kitchen and Bar area, and AV Room.

Failure to comply with any of the above terms and conditions may result in termination of any or all hireage arrangements, as determined by the MACC Board and management.